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Good Managers Are Born Not Made Management Essay

Great Managers Are Born Not Made Management Essay The way in to an effective association is said to exist in a decent administrator. It i...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Good Managers Are Born Not Made Management Essay

Great Managers Are Born Not Made Management Essay The way in to an effective association is said to exist in a decent administrator. It is in certainty the adequacy of this director and the characteristics that they have that are indispensable to the turn of events and protection of an effective administration framework inside a company. The inquiry remains in any case, regarding whether these great administrators are conceived, on the off chance that they have characteristics that will form them into incredible pioneers of things to come. Or on the other hand would they say they are made? Is it conceivable to create and procure the vital abilities to turn into the great administrator a fruitful association needs? It should initially be recognized that pioneers and administrators are regularly alluded to expecting they are precisely the same thing be that as it may, there are a few contrasts that should be explained. There is frequently some disarray because of the way that it is especially hard to characterize an administrator on the grounds that an all around acknowledged definition doesn't exist. As indicated by Tripathi, (2008, p.2) a supervisor is one who adds to the associations objectives in a roundabout way by coordinating the endeavors of others-not by playing out the errand himself. Authority and the executives are firmly interrelated in such a case that you are a chief of an association, you are generally the most significant pioneer (Kouzes Posner 2010, p.338). The most clear qualification between a pioneer and a chief exists in what administration alludes to. Authority doesn't allude to a situation at the highest point of an association and on the grounds that an administrator holds that particular position, it doesn't mean they are driving. Pioneers have willing adherents where their entitlement to lead is earned from those devotees through their impact. They expect to make change utilizing their own capacity and can't utilize compulsion yet rather rouse with their vision (Huth 2001). An administrator then again, must hold the position to accomplish results through others whereby their entitlement to oversee is conceded by possession. Administrators must be in a place of intensity where they can utilize intimidation and facilitate exercises (Huth 2001). In a ny case, it's not possible for anyone to deny that one commendations the other. It could create the impression that dependent on the over one could very conceivable be brought into the world a pioneer yet not an administrator, in spite of the fact that this can likewise be questioned. Kouzes and Posner (2010, p.339) think of it as a legend that the noti on of administration is held for those fortunate enough to be brought into the world with it. Authority is, a discernible arrangement of aptitudes and capacities (Kouzes Posner 2010, p.338). Thusly the question despite everything stays with regards to whether a decent director can be made; it might simply be that a decent supervisor should likewise be required to have great authority aptitudes. There are doubtlessly numerous partnerships that despite everything esteem the hypothesis that: Good directors are brought into the world not made, anyway the normal authoritative disappointments that can be recognized inside numerous individual organizations recommend that this hypothesis is in truth imperfect. Werner and DeSimone (2006, p.441) recommend that administration advancement is an enormous method to build the adequacy of administrators inside an association. Werner and DeSimone (2006, p.441) make a solid point underscoring that despite the fact that as indicated by mainstream thinking the capacity to oversee is an innate capacity, there is a contemporary view that the KSAOs (information, aptitudes, capacities and different qualities) which all work to build up a successful administrator can be learned or gained. In any case, before addressing how organizations can build up a freshly discovered comprehension on creating powerful administration inside an association, the id ea of the board advancement should right off the bat be clarified. Werner and DeSimone (2006, p.441) characterized the board advancement as: An associations cognizant exertion to give its supervisors (and possible administrators) with chances to learn, develop, and change, in order to produce over the drawn out a unit of directors with the aptitudes important to work successfully in that association. The definition above backings the thought that administration advancement ought to be seen explicit to a specific association. This is because of the way that every association is one of a kind and should intend to form people into viable supervisors inside the setting of the specific association. Moreover, the whole thought behind administration advancement is the way that representatives are conceded the chance to learn, develop and improve. Consequently when you allude this back to the capacity to additionally create ones abilities, as per Werner and DeSimone (2006, p.441) it helps directors in figuring out how to learn. The creators additionally show that administration improvement is comprised of three segments: (1) the board instruction, (2) the executives preparing, and (3) hands on encounters (Werner DeSimone 2006, p.442). It is these very segments that Werner and DeSimone accept firmly add to the advancement of a compelling chief. Williamson (2006) agrees that hands on experience is one of the most huge expectations to learn and adapt. As indicated by Williamson (2006) a viable supervisor is comprised of a scope of aptitudes that go past the misinterpretation that the sole job of an administrator is to guide individuals. Williamson (2006) made a rundown of attributes and aptitudes that are important for an administrator to have to accordingly be powerful. A portion of these aptitudes and attributes incorporate; being learned by understanding the objectives and destinations of the organization. Understanding the desires you should meet alongside the objectives and destinations. Acknowledging and comprehend the estimation of their group, being sympathetic and realizing how to deal with their time and utilize their time productively, passing those abilities onto their group. The entirety of the above are instances of abilities that are increased through preparing and through experience, related to the parts of Werner and DeSimone. A decent administrator is required to try sincerely and empty a ton of exertion into his professional training to extricate the important exercises from each understanding, learning and developing. There is contradiction among the executives journalists about the characterization of administrative capacities anyway Tripathi (2008, p.3) arranges the capacities into six sorts; Planning, Organizing, Directing, Controlling, Innovation and Representation. Arranging is the capacity that figures out what ought to be done, getting ready for what's to come. Arranging alludes to giving the business everything helpful to its working including, staff, crude materials, devices, capital. Moreover Tripathi (2008, p.3) incorporates staffing as a capacity inside Organizing whereby the administrator endeavors to locate the opportune individual for each activity. Just by accepting these two capacities for instance it very well may be noticed that life and work experience have a colossal impact in the advancement of a powerful chief. One can't be brought into the world with the information to comprehend the requirements of an association nor would they be able to have the experience to pass judgment on a people capacities and dispense them the proper activity. These capacities are procured and created after some time. There will consistently be the conviction that great chiefs are conceived and in certainty not made, in light of the fact that they hold the capacity to oversee which is something natural and can't be conferred via preparing.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Commercial Cycles and Global Indication †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Examine about the Commercial Cycles and Global Indication. Answer: Presentation: It happens when laborers lose their work because of the downturns that exist in the business cycle. The total national output is utilized to tell when business contracts. Given that the economy contracts for in any event two quarters, at that point it is supposed to be in a downturn. At the point when the economy returns to the period of extension in the business cycle the board, the individuals who are not utilized or were laid off will reemerge the activity showcase. Patterned work is transitory since it relies upon the withdrawal length. A downturn is average in the event that it goes on for year and a half. A downturn on the opposite side can keep going for even ten years (Layard et al, 2013 pg. 71). Frictional joblessness It happens when laborers surrender their work to scan for improved ones.in most events, this sort of joblessness occurs on a deliberate premise, however in different cases, it very well may be because of the end of an occupation with a given reason. The term grinding is utilized to show the time, exertion and the consumption that is utilized by a laborer to secure some new position positions (Layard et al, 2013 pg. 81). As a rule, grinding isn't avoidable since specialist need to search for new chances, go to interviews and need to move even before building up new position openings. Be that as it may, frictional joblessness is as a rule a transient type of joblessness. This sort of joblessness alludes to the confuse that exists between the employments that are accessible contrasted with the skills.it isn't brought about by the powers of business cycle the executives like the repetitive joblessness yet by different powers. It occurs in the cases whereby the movements in the economy makes it hard for some given gatherings of individuals to secure positions. This sort of joblessness can keep the pace of joblessness high significantly after the downturn is gone (Layard et al, 2013 pg. 112). This alludes to a working agreement whereby a laborer is utilized for a given period in a year, and when the agreement terminates, at that point the specialist stays jobless. Models, where request, creation, and work are occasional, incorporate the travel industry and relaxation and retailing (Layard et al, 2013 pg. 121). The interest bend is descending: The principal purpose behind the descending slanting bend is with impact with the Pigous riches impact. From the essential information, we realize that the ostensible incentive for cash is fixed. Be that as it may, the genuine worth is for the most part relied upon the degree of costs. This in light of the fact that a lower cost level makes the buying capacity to increment in every cash. At the point when the cost level goes down, at that point the buyers will in general become wealthier and henceforth the purchaser spending increments. Thus a drop in the cost level causes the clients to spend all the more subsequently expanding the total interest (Layard et al, 2013 pg. 140). The subsequent thinking is concerning Keynes paces of premium that the amount estimation of cash that is required is dependent upon the degree of costs. Significant level of costs implies that it will take the shopper a great deal of cash to buy the huge amounts. This implies the buyers could purchase more supplies if the costs were low. This makes the clients keep critical measures of cash at the bank. The enormous amounts in the bank make the bank to build the credits and consequently to diminish the loan fees. A drop in cost along these lines causes a decrease in the loan cost and afterward causes an expansion in the venture lastly raise the degree of total interest (Layard et al, 2013 pg. 154). Increment in the paces of premium lessens the purchaser spending and furthermore the venture lastly prompting the total fall popular for the Australian dollar. At the point when the total interest goes down, at that point the gracefully likewise will in general go down. Lower total interest will cause: A negative financial development usually known as the downturn Higher paces of joblessness Decrease in the use on imports and expanded rivalry fair and square of fares. The graph beneath shows the impacts of financing costs on total interest (Layard et al, 2013 pg. 167). Self-rule in the money related approach Under class, states can execute the self-governing monetary strategies so they can address issues of swelling and furthermore yield. Since the monetary strategies influence the paces of expansion, governments reserve the privilege to determine on their since a long time ago run pace of swelling which don't need to procure swelling rates from different nations, a case that is seen under the fixed conversion standard (Baxter Stockman, 2012 pg. 188). The requirement for the support of both the inside and outside equalization in a metallic standard depends on a contention that the last causes fixed pace of conversion scale. Given that the costs of cash are fixed and that any areas creation and different factors in the economy are adjusted, the conversion scale can't along these lines change. The last prompts erosion in the monetary framework in general (Baxter Stockman, 2012 pg. 165). This is the essential shortcoming. The modifications in the trade rates are progressively apparent contrasted with the suggestion set somewhere around the essentials (Baxter Stockman, 2012 pg. 185). Broadened use for the instance of money related arrangement The drawback of the capacity to utilize lead the purported free monetary approaches the executives is the ability of making higher paces of swelling. The expansionary or contractionary money related procedures can give a talk to the recessionary or the inflationary loads (Baxter Stockman, 2012 pg. 190). The solidness in costs shows that there are insignificant changes in costs and they are normal. The calculate that most cases influences the security of costs is the monetary strategy. The short run variances in any nation can be lessened by the metallic gauges and are likewise called business cycle. The thinking behind the decline in the essentialness in the items might be lying in the solidness of costs. The national banks are required to have coming up, enough measure of stores under the metallic standard for them to keep up their equality in gold and furthermore be in control of additional gold to mediate for the trade rates (Baxter Stockman, 2012 pg. 145). Producers of the metal that is in the metallic gauges impact the macroeconomic conditions in the nations that have the metallic norm (Baxter Stockman, 2012 pg. 165). Work refered to Baxter, M. what's more, Stockman, 2012. Business cycles and the conversion scale rgime: some worldwide Indication.Periodical of budgetary Economics,15(5), p 456-497. Layard, P, Layard, Nickell and Jackman, 2013. Joblessness: large scale financial establishment implied and the work showcase. Oxford University Press on Demand.

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20 - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

SAT Closings and Scores for Make-up Date of 2/20 - UGA Undergraduate Admissions SAT Closings and Scores for Make-up Date of 2/20 A number of students will be taking the SAT on January 23, and if you take it on this date and you have already requested for the scores to be sent to UGA, we will be able to use these scores in our decision process for Fall 2016 applicants. For some students who have signed up for the January 23 SAT exam though, the weather has forced a closing of their test site and the make-up date is now set for February 20. Unfortunately, we will not be able to use these February 20 SAT scores in the review process for our Fall 2016 review. While we would like to be able to use the February 20 scores, unfortunately these scores will not get to UGA until roughly the second week of March, which is when we will be preparing to release decisions. Our decision process is a massive project, and one where we need to keep on track in order to make the process flow correctly. In order to allow students to receive decisions, work with financial aid, and make plans for the next year, we have to make sure we get decisions out in a timely fashion. As such, we will not be able to use the February 20 scores. We hope this helps you understand more about this issue and our process. Go Dawgs!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The At The Rhode Island Parent Information Network

On June 11, 2016, I attended an event at the Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN) Center in Cranston, RI. The RIPIN Center helps families and children get the help they need to achieve health and education goals. There are different sessions that go on within the month for different needs; every second Saturday is the meeting specially geared to Deaf children and families. The meeting was held by Elsbeth, who is a mother of a child who is hard of hearing. This session in particular involved transitioning into college. A young boy had lost his hearing with age and he is going into his senior year of high school. He stated to the group that he was looking into colleges and his mom, who was also present, was afraid about his academic success. This student chooses to use hearing aids and lip-reading as a method of understanding what hearing individuals are saying. His mom stated when teachers do not follow with his 504 plan, he ends up doing poorly in the class; otherwise he i s an academically high achieving student. Both he and his mom have high hopes, he wants to attend Brown for a science major. He instantly became sad when mentioning that Umass is more proabable due to his hearing loss. He seemed to be timid about asking for help or enforcing his 504 plan with teachers. The student stated that it is a hassle for the teacher and he would rather manage with what he can. A few of us were curious about how he hears since he kept alluding to only hearing half ofShow MoreRelatedChild Focus Essay885 Words   |  4 PagesThe three states that I used to investigate the current child find efforts were, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Lewiston Maine. The people who were doing the outreach for child find were clinics, doctors, educators, family resource centers, health department, head starts, daycare and preschool centers, even early interventionist. These are the sources that works with the the school to find children who need special support with disabilities. A lthough every states have to follow the Individuals withRead MoreThe Incarceration Of Rehabilitation Programs1319 Words   |  6 PagesUniversity of Rhode Island, 2009. Web. 20 Mar. 2017. This is a study conducted out of the University of Rhode Island analyzing the different types of rehabilitation used in prisons, and lists strengths and weaknesses of said rehabilitation types. It also addresses the types of offenders that were being rehabilitated. The study explains the similarities of rehabilitation types that work. It also compares Rhode Island prisons to Michigan prisons. There is a lot of useful information in this study andRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society877 Words   |  4 Pagesthere is a certain protocol that should be followed. Businesses should not limit themselves to posting promotional content only. This can lead to the downfall of their social media presence. Consumers want engagement that goes beyond promotional information. Another important aspect of successful social media engagement is posting often enough to keep your consumers engaged in what you have to offer and what you have to say. There are no actual rules for how often and when they should post, but forRead MoreWashington, The Man Of The Revolutionary Era1725 Words   |  7 Pageswas born in Virginia, but little did his parents know that he would change America forever. George Washington worked hard to raise soldiers’ spirits and help them to survive the winter at Valley Forge. He did anything in his power to get the necessary supplies and best living cond itions for his soldiers. George Washington lead the Culper Spy Ring which was vital in winning the war. In the spy ring, anonymous spies worked around the clock to find any information that could give hints to plans of theRead MorePositives And Negatives Of The Legalization Of Marijuana Essay1137 Words   |  5 Pageslegalized marijuana for recreational use, it will boost the economy even more. A huge percentage of what is made will be going to the school system in Colorado. This will make a huge difference in the education system. This is a huge benefit that many parents and teachers are looking forward to. The legalization of marijuana will help create many jobs for Colorado residents also. People will be needed to grow and distribute marijuana. The Colorado Department of Revenue released a report detailing theRead MoreLegalization of Marijuana in Colorado Essay1225 Words   |  5 Pageslegalized marijuana for recreational use, it will boost the economy even more. A huge percentage of what is made will be going to the school system in Colorado. This will make a huge difference in the education system. This is a huge benefit that many parents and teachers are looking forward to. The legalization of marijuana will help create many jobs for Colorado residents also. People will be needed to grow and distribute marijuana. The Colorado Department of Revenue released a report detailing theRead MoreCensorship Is Not Limited Repressive Regimes Or Network Television?1522 Words   |  7 PagesCensorship is not limited to repressive regimes or network television. Weather we know it or not censorship is happening all the time throughout the day. We censor ourselves, we listen to censored music and as students we see the internet being heavily censored in school. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was signed into law in 2000; the law requires any public schools or library to filter any inappropriate content from the computers being used by minors. Since the law has been put inRead More The Commercialization of Extreme Sports (X Sports) Essays7065 Words   |  29 Pagesnothing in common with each other except for high risk, and an appeal to women and men from the ages of 12 to 34. Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN), realizing this age group was a prime viewing audience, brought together several extreme sports and created yet another commercialized sporting spectacle. Since 1995, this television network has produced the Summer X Games. After these summer productions proved to be successful television and live spectator events, ESPN expanded into theRead MoreFrom the Motherhood to a Psychological Disorder1674 Words   |  7 Pagesstill under scrutiny. (Personality disorders - an overview, n.d.) Back to the character Adele in the movie above, we can easily realize her mixed PD through her thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. What Adele got when she grew up was the neglect from parent- as she said in her argument with her brother- in- law. Then, first husband left her and daughter Ann on Christmas Eve with shock and stress of being lonely. These are probably causes results to her PD later. Discussing about the histrionic PD, AdeleRead More To Legalize, or Not to Legalize Gay Marriage Essay1971 Words   |  8 PagesConnecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington, Iowa, New York, and New Hampshire allow such marriages, and even more states recognize civil unions such as Illinois California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. With these states bringing more attention to gay marriage, the debate over this right has come to the forefront of the 2012 presidential campaign. The definition of marriage is tra ditionally between a man and a woman

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Exosphere Definition and Facts

The exosphere is the outermost layer of the Earths atmosphere, located above the thermosphere. It extends from about 600 km until it thins out to merge with interplanetary space. This makes the exosphere about 10,000 km or 6,200 miles thick or about as wide as the Earth. The top boundary of Earths exosphere extends about halfway to the Moon. For other planets with substantial atmospheres, the exosphere is the layer above the denser atmospheric layers, but for planets or satellites without dense atmospheres, the exosphere is the region between the surface and interplanetary space. This is called the surface boundary exosphere. It has been observed for the Earths Moon, Mercury,  and the Galilean moons of Jupiter. The word exosphere comes from the Ancient Greek words exo, meaning outside or beyond, and sphaira, which means sphere. Exosphere Characteristics The particles in the exosphere are extremely far apart. They dont quite fit the definition of a gas because the density is too low for collisions and interactions to occur. Nor are they necessarily plasma, because the atoms and molecules arent all electrically charged. Particles in the exosphere can travel hundreds of kilometers along a ballistic trajectory before bumping into other particles. The Earths Exosphere The lower boundary of the exosphere, where it meets the thermosphere, is called the thermopause. Its height above sea level ranges from 250-500 km up to 1000 km (310 to 620 miles), depending on solar activity. The thermopause is called the exobase, exopause, or critical altitude. Above this point, barometric conditions do not apply. The temperature of the exosphere is nearly constant and very cold. At the upper boundary of the exosphere, the solar radiation pressure on hydrogen exceeds the gravitational pull back toward Earth. The fluctuation of the exobase due to solar weather is important because it affects atmospheric drag on space stations and satellites. Particles that reach the boundary are lost from the Earths atmosphere to space. The composition of the exosphere is different from that of the layers beneath it. Only the lightest gases occur, barely held to the planet by gravity. The Earths exosphere consists mainly of hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, and atomic oxygen. The exosphere is visible from space as a fuzzy region called the geocorona. The Lunar Atmosphere On Earth, there are about 1019 molecules per cubic centimeter of air at sea level. In contrast, there are fewer than a million (106) molecules in the same volume in the exosphere. The Moon does not have a true atmosphere because its particles dont circulate, dont absorb much radiation, and have to be replenished. Yet, its not quite a vacuum, either. The lunar surface boundary layer has a pressure of about 3 x 10-15 atm (0.3 nano Pascals). The pressure varies depending on whether its day or night, but the entire mass weighs less than 10 metric tonnes. The exosphere is produced by outgassing of radon and helium from radioactive decay. The solar wind, micrometeor bombardment, and the solar wind also contribute particles. Unusual gases found in the Moons exosphere, but not in the atmospheres of Earth, Venus, or Mars include sodium and potassium. Other elements and compounds found in the Moons exosphere include argon-40, neon, helium-4, oxygen, methane, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and carb on dioxide. A trace amount of hydrogen is present. Very minute quantities of water vapor may also exist. In addition to its exosphere, the Moon may have an atmosphere of dust that hovers above the surface due to electrostatic levitation. Exosphere Fun Fact While the exosphere of the Moon is nearly a vacuum its larger than the exosphere of Mercury. One explanation for this is that Mercury is much closer to the Sun, so the solar wind can sweep away particles more easily. References Bauer, Siegfried; Lammer, Helmut. Planetary Aeronomy: Atmosphere Environments in Planetary Systems, Springer Publishing, 2004.  Is There an Atmosphere on the Moon?. NASA. 30 January 2014. retrieved 02/20/2017

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Aging Literature Free Essays

This literature review addresses several issues related to the study of aging. Theoretical perspectives, research methods, and current controversies are reviewed. One issue that has beset the development of research on aging is a definition of old age (Scanzoni Scanzoni, 1988, p. We will write a custom essay sample on Aging Literature or any similar topic only for you Order Now 549). Research in the United Kingdom and the United States has found that the older a person is in a chronological sense, the later is the chronological age at which that person tends to think old age begins. The concept of old age also is affected by social stratum: lower-status persons, as an example tend to think that old age begins in the fifties, while higher-status persons tend to think that old age begins around age 65. Advances in medical science and technology have led to increased life spans for an increasing proportion of the population; however, social development has not kept pace (Scanzoni Scanzoni, 1988, p. 549). Thus, many among the growing numbers of older people lead increasingly less rewarding lives. Further, the increasing numbers of persons in the population aged 65 or older demand that research into aging develop methods that address the differences among age groupings within the 65 and over classification. There also is a subjective context to aging (Scanzoni Scanzoni, 1988, p. 550). Younger people tend to perceiving old age differently from older people, at a general level, and at a specific level all persons do not age . . . ehavior will be evaluated in the context of one’s basic beliefs. If these basic beliefs are unrealistic or irrational, one’s expectancies will likely also tend to be unrealistic and irrational. Adaptation enables an individual to understand the surrounding environment (McDougall, 1995, pp. 26-27). Adaptation occurs through the functioning of the mental processes of assimilation and accommodation. Assimilation involves the perception and interpretation of new information within the context of existing knowledge and understanding. Accommodation is a more advanced process that involves the restructuring of mental organization in order to include new nformation. The ecological approach to psychology is a functional approach. In this approach, psychological problems are construed as instances of adaptation. Ecological science defines perception as an awareness of one’s environment. The focus in on a being’s vertical experience. Vertical experience implies that an environment permits a being to both live and reproduce. The environme nt is integral to this definition of perception, because varieties of meaningful experience cannot be studied as instances of perception unless an environmental component is integral to the being How to cite Aging Literature, Papers

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Privacy Rights And Collective Security At The Airport †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Privacy Rights And Collective Security At The Airport. Answer: Introduction There have been many controversies between the priorities over two very important things and those are collective security and the privacy rights. This controversy can be better seen in the airport security in different cities. The common believed notion is the fact that the privacy rights of a person are more important than the entire collective security. It has been seen multiple times that the terrorists export and import weapons and the smugglers do the same with the prohibited drugs. In this paper, the controversy between these two facts will be discussed properly indeed. It would require much research on the privacy rights and collective security at the airport. Collective security at airport The airports are considered to be very sensible places as millions of people come and go from one city to other. This is the reason the collective security has been tightened in the airports of the big cities. The incident of 9/11 has shown that the terrorists had captured the airplanes and crashed the World Trade Center to dust completely in the year 2001. This is the very reason of tightening the airport security in the big cities. The main purpose of tightening this security is to keep the common people safe.[1] The USA congress had passed the Aviation and Transportation Security Act as they did not want to take any more risks regarding that. They had also set up the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).[2] They had employed the federal employees to take over the charge of the airport security. There are some methods by which the collective security measures are taken in the airports.[3] These are the screening the baggage of the passengers at the time of immigration, x-ray screening on the bags that will be carried on by the passengers, they use the metal detectors for the security of the passengers.[4] Another way of collective security is the Secure Flight Program, which includes the prescreening of the names of the passengers and comparing them with the watch-list provided by the airlines. These things sometimes become to be very much harassing for some of the passengers. Some of them even feel that their privacy rights have been interfered.[5] This is why they raise the prominen t questions about the security checking at the airports. This factor really needs to be highlighted as instances have been found when the security often harasses and embarrasses some dignified people from other countries in the name of security checking.[6] Privacy rights at airports In this section the aspect of the privacy rights would be discussed for the better understanding of the whole scenario. It is an important matter that the checking procedure in various countries have increased globally after the 9/11 attacks and the recent terrorist attacks in the counties like UK, Belgium and France.[7] These include the various security procedures, interviews and screenings at different levels. Many international travelers have always asked about their exact rights of privacy in the airports while going through a security check. Their intention is to know about the ways they can escape the harassment that is being executed at them.[8] It is a very important thing to know that the government officials or the law enforcement officers cannot stop and detain any person just on the basis of their nationality, race or skin color. This is absolutely illegal and punishable offence to be executed on those government officials. The point of views of religion, gender, and ethnicity will also have to be discussed in this case as well. If the travelers feel by any means that they are discriminated by the security checking officials, they can complain to the airport authorities or share their feedback for redress from different government departments.[9] There are several types of body scanning at the airports nowadays like the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT), Whole Body Imaging (WBI) scanners and the Full-body scanners. The travelers can address the people at the security check point to for other alternative scanning systems if they have any personal issues or physical problems regarding that particular scanning procedure. If a female traveler is searched and scanned by the male security officers, it is obviously not fair and interfering in the rights of those people. So, they can request the pat-down procedure to be conducted by the security officers of the same gender. The travelers can also expect a private screening or scanning during anytime. If the airport authorities do not have that advantage, the travelers have the right to protest against it and ask it to be arranged very soon.[10] When the pat-down process is going on, the passengers can ask for the chairs to sit. The travelers can also disclose to the person about the pain or the injuries he or she had earlier received. This would help the security personnel from touching or pressing that injured part of the body.[11] These things mean that airport security checking is indeed necessary but the privacy rights of the people will also have to be remembered as well. The security personnel cannot just inflict their decisions on the passengers and give the excuse of the laws and regulations of the security checking.[12] The first priority should always be on the privacy rights of the passengers. The collective security checking will obviously be done but the privacy rights of the passengers should not be hampered at any cost. These things will have to be kept in mind since the privacy of any human being should not be interrupted by anyone. Conclusion This paper can be concluded by saying that the privacy rights of the human beings are of the first priority. This should not be compromised with anything. The collective security check in the airports has been increased due to the fear of smuggling rackets and terrorism activities. However, there is always a way for retaining the privacy rights of the human beings. It can only be said that the human beings should be permitted with their privacy rights and this should not be interrupted for the excuse of the airport security check. Bibliography Ashford, Norman, Pierre Coutu, and John Beasley. (2013).Airport operations. Cardwell, Diane. (2014) "At Newark airport, the lights are on, and theyre watching you."New York Times. De Lange, Robert, Ilya Samoilovich, and Bo Van Der Rhee.(2013) "Virtual queuing at airport security lanes."European Journal of Operational Research225, no. 1: 153-165. Elias, Bart. (2012) "Airport Body Scanners: The Role of Advanced Imaging Technology in Airline Passenger Screening." Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress. Hall, Rachel. (2015)The transparent traveler: The performance and culture of airport security. Duke University Press, Lum, Cynthia, Peter Zachary Crafton, Rebecca Parsons, Dale Beech, Tarren Smarr, and Michael Connors. (2015) "Discretion and fairness in airport security screening."Security Journal28, no. 4: 352-373.. Mitchener-Nissen, Timothy, Kate Bowers, and Kevin Chetty. (2012) "Public attitudes to airport security: the case of whole body scanners."Security Journal25, no. 3: 229-243. Tirosh, Yofi, and Michael Birnhack. (2013) "Naked in front of the machine: does airport scanning violate privacy."Ohio St. LJ74: 1263.